DeepGenius AI Custom AI Solutions for specific Business Use Cases

Our AI Innovations For various Business Use Cases

Industry Focused AI Solutions

Optimized & Pre-packaged Industry-ready Solutions for Most Business Use Cases

Enhance your business offering. Become and maintain your market leardership! Integrate with DeepGenius AI Custom built AI Solutions for your business use-case

We build AI products, APIs, services and solutions that fulfill your needs across many business use case domains.

Business Use Case Domains For AI augmentation & Automation

  • Analytics-driven accounting and IT
  • Analytics-driven hiring and retention
  • Channel management
  • Churn reduction
  • Customer acquisition/lead generation
  • Customer service management
  • Fraud and debt analytics
  • Inventory and parts optimization
  • Logistics network and warehouse optimization
  • Marketing budget allocation
  • Next product to buy/individualized offering
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Predictive service/intervention
  • Pricing and promotion
  • Procurement and spend analytics
  • Product development cycle optimization
  • Product feature optimization
  • Risk modeling
  • Sales and demand forecasting
  • Smart capital expenditures
  • Task automation
  • Workforce productivity and efficiency
  • Yield optimization

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