DeepGeniusAI = Enterprise Artificial Intelligence.

Deploy our Next Generation Enterprise Artificial Intelligence(AI) Products, AI Solutions, AI Applications & AI Platform.

Make world class AI applications using our Enterprise AI Strategy, Enterprise AI Architecture, AI Implementation framework, AI Security Architecture & Enterprise AI Services.

DeepGenius AI is disrupting the AI software landscape. Enterprises and small Businesses use our AI products and solutions for Accelerating Enterprise Digital Transformation. DeepGenius AI enables AI & Intelligent Automation in businesses to make best in class industry AI solutions resulting in a greater impact to your customers and shareholders!

DeepGenius AI Products

  • AI Lab
  • AI Product Assessment Tool
  • Enterprise AI
  • AutoML
  • Trusted AI
  • AI Hub
  • AI Analytics Engine
  • Edge AI

DeepGenius AI Solutions

  • AI DeveOps
  • Healthcare
  • COVID-19
  • Mobility
  • Industry 4.O

DeepGenius AI Services & Research

  • Vertical Industry specific Custom Use Case AI Services.
  • Enterprise AI Research including Robotic Process Automation.
  • Research integrating Industry 4.0 Technologies with cutting-edge AI.

DeepGenius AI has built best in class Ethical, Explainable and Responsible AI for Enterprises

Conducting cutting-edge research and development of multi-purpose AI technologies, AI Products, horizontal AI solutions and vertical AI Solutions to make AI capable of solving complex problems for small businesses to large enterprises in a variety of industries.

DeepGenius AI Products & Solutions

Our Enterprise AI platform with great AI Applications and AI Solutions to integrate your Enterprise data and build, deploy and manage Ethical and Trusted AI models at scale.

Enterprise AI DevOps

DeepGenius AI enables modern AI software development practice that integrates AI applications development with AI operations. Easily infuse AI into your existing software applications and make them smarter applications or build entirely new intelligent applications across a wide spectrum of business use cases.

Enterprise AIOps- ITSM & ITOM

Manage, understand and interpret your machine learning models, experiments, and end-to-end workflows with multiple AIOps by deploying robust, repeatable multiple ML pipelines with continuous ML evaluation tools.

Enterprise AI Hub

A secure AI repository with one-click deployment of deep learning and Machine Learning models.With this accelerated deployment to development workflows enables businesses to focus on building solutions, gathering insights, and delivering business value.

Enterprise Edge AI

Highly responsive, serverless, modern enterprise-grade Edge AI runs on all hardware platforms for processing data really fast with a processing time of less than few milliseconds, the data loss prevention, and enhanced security, privacy features with low latency and real-time insights help in building great customer experience.

Enterprise AI Product Assessment Tool

Be confident before purchase different Vendor AI applications and AI servicesUse our AI assessment tool to evaluate your Third Party Vendor AI products and AI solutions. before making expensive AI purchase commitments.

Enterprise AI Analytics Engine

Serverless, highly scalable, secure, trustworthy, accessible, and affordable multi-cloud smart data analytics engine designed for enterprise agility to gain insights with real-time predictive analytics.

Why Businesses Trust Us

DeepGenius AI enables every business to become an AI Business. DeepGenius AI improves the lives of all people through our Responsible, Ethical & Explainable AI for All products and solutions.

Cutting-edge Research & Development

We believe in advancing tomorrow's state of the art AI for everyone. We work on Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science problems that define tomorrow's technology. we aspire to make innovations that impact everyone.

High Performing Secure AI for All

Highly secure in-house AI capability with AIaaS for our AI-based customized innovative products through custom AI algorithms, AIDevOps and AIOps with aim of becoming a leading global AI technology provider.

Collaborative AI Hub

Enterprise-grade sharing capabilities that let organizations privately host AI content to foster reuse and collaboration among ML developers and users internally.

Responsible AI Governance

Building responsible AI for All. We're consistently developing initiatives, processes, and governance structures to enact our AI Principles, and sharing our progress as we go.

Get Started with DeepGenius AI

Take advantage of one or more of DeepGenius AI products, solutions and services. You can also integrate all your data, build AI models and deploy critical AI applications. The possibilities are endless. Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at DeepGenius AI. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we offer and get started with your digital transofrmation & AI journey.