DeepGenius AI Products

DeepGenius AI created products drive enterprise digital transformation utilizing AI and deep learning technologies for AI developers, data scientists and AI Analytics Engineers alike. We provide you with the best AI Products, best AI Strategy, best AI Architecture, best AI frameworks, best AI platform and solutions that solves your business needs. We believe in Democratizing AI for all Enterprises and Small Businesses.

DeepGenius AI LAB & Platform

DeepGenius AI technology is providing small businesses and enterprises the required compute power,AI tools, and AI/ML algorithms to maximize their business potential through digital transformation.

DeepGenius AI Lab

An out of the box all in one container solution for Enterprise AI Development!

  • Solves AI development setup complexity
  • Removes guesswork on what frameworks to use
  • Increases productivity of the Enterprise AI development teams

DeepGenius Enterprise Trusted AI

An accelerated Trusted AI engine for enterprises

  • Solves AI explainability and interpretability
  • Eliminates bias in data and algorithms
  • Improves AI learning generalizability

DeepGenius AI Hub

An enterprise AI software repository and registry simplify Machine Learning workflows to foster reuse and collaboration among the ML & data teams for learning, experimenting, and deploying AI in production with custom containers, models, model scripts, end-to-end pipelines, algorithms.

DeepGenius AI Analytics Engine

A high performing modern smart analytics engine for enterprises

  • Does smart analytics and dashboard visualization
  • Deals with big data creation and acquisition
  • Solves for labeling and annotation of massive training datasets

DeepGenius Edge AI

An edge AI software also referred to as on-device AI. It allows you to process data with the device in less than a few milliseconds, which gives you real-time information. Using Edge AI, one can get any features that you want from the app on the device. Moreover, it’s capable of running on top of all our partners’ hardware platforms.

DeepGenius AI Lab & Platform Features

Our Products and solutions facilitates your AI work from ideation to deployment, quickly, cost-effectively and at scale.

Empower enterprises with our modern AI Develepment container solution with all the required AI/ML frameworks built in!

Evaluate Third party vendor AI applications quickly using our easy to use Third Party AI assessment tool !

Implement and automate continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous training and evaluation  for machine learning (ML) systems

Access, share, improve, modify, work with secure private and public AI artifacts collaboratively

Allows you to work with your data and ML processing (training and inference) at your local hardware platform

Empower enterprises with modern smart analytics at scale along with efficient cost management.

One Stop Solution provider for all your Enterprise AI needs

Build, test, deploy, Iterate and manage explainable ML models all in one place at scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the additional details as FAQs for our potential customers

It’s an integrated modern AI platform for enterprises, startups, developers, data scientists, AI Analytics Engineers to build, deploy, and manage machine learning (ML) models responsibly at scale across I4.O sectors.

Our platform offers various machine learning, deep learning, big data services and solutions for various industry use cases as per the customers requirements.

Yes, there are currently solutions being built for High Tech Enterprises, Healthcare, Mobility industries, and COVID-19 on our platform.

No, not everything is available for general availability. But, few of our portfolio products are getting ready for the GA. Please contact us for more information.