Connected & Level-5 Technology

DeepGenius AI for Mobility

In DeepGenius AI mobility solutions, machine learning will be the critical core. It will be the technological foundation and the source of significant competitive advantage for the businesses that take advantage of our solutions.

DeepGenius AI Mobility Solution Focus Areas

Level 5: full automation. An automated-driving system undertakes all aspects of dynamic driving throughout a drive, under all roadway and environmental conditions that human drivers can manage.


Perception, localization, and mapping

Perception and object analysis, Object and obstacle detection, classification, and tracking; Data fusion for environment mapping and vehicle localization.


Decision making

Planning vehicle path, trajectory, and maneuvers


Test and validation

Implementing a hybrid approach that involves all of the testing and validation methods to achieve the required confidence levels in the least amount of time.

DeepGenius AI Driving for Fully Connected and Level-5 Autonomous Driving

An AI-First SaaS and Edge AI Platform for fully connected and level-5 autonomous driving

  • We work on Perception, Prediction, Localization, Planning, Control of Autonomous Vehicles (Self-driving cars) on Objects (Images /Videos) captured from Sensors and other digital devices i.e camera of Autonomous Vehicles.
  • We’re directly engaged in technologies and businesses that are core to the autonomous driving field. 
  • Technologies that we’ll develop are autonomous stack development, simulation, data management, validation, labeling, HDMaps as per our focus areas of AV.
  • Businesses that we plan are OEM autonomy stack suppliers, last-mile and last-meter delivery, Robo-taxis, shuttles, long haul trucking, mining vehicles, agricultural vehicles, service vehicles, etc.
  • We’re engaged in the development of a software-based product or service that will form a core piece of our current or intended business.


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