DeepGenius AI for Healthcare

DeepGenius Artificial intelligence in healthcare can emulate or exceed human cognition in the analysis, interpretation, and comprehension of complicated medical and healthcare data.

DeepGenius AI Health

DeepGegnius AI-first SaaS and Edge AI Platform for autonomous intelligent healthcare currently focuses on automated medical diagnostics done through medical imaging, genomics analytics, healthcare big data & analytics for various diseases including Sleep Apnea, COVID-19 (SARS CoV2), Diabetic Retinopathy, Cancer, Cardiac Diseases and Brain Disorders.

DeepGenius AI Health Solutions Features And Benefits

Real-time prescriptive, predictive, preventive healthcare AI for everyone.
  • A highly transparent, robust, reliable, secure, fast, cost optimistic, automated medical diagnostics with higher accuracy to establish, create & promote healthcare application systems & services for all including special needs by medical diagnosis & treatment.
  • It is equipped to deal with the ML model’s transparency to remove the Black Box in AI, improving generalizability for model reusability, solving uncertainty and unfair biases as well as privacy and security, interoperability issues that are crucial socially and economically.

Medical Imaging AI

It can reduce interpretation time for radiologists, achieves greater accuracy than trained radiologists alone, as well reducing health care costs, help radiologists respond to pressures to interpret studies more quickly.

Healthcare DataOps

It’s enterprise data management to accelerate time to market for analytic solutions, improve data quality and compliance, and reduce cost of data management, improve your organization’s use of data through better collaboration and automation.

Genomic and Precision Medicine

It highlights the various points along the continuum from health to disease where genomic information is impacting clinical decision-making and leading to more personalization of health care and discovery of personalised medicines.

Conversational AI for Healthcare

Bringing conversational AI to healthcare empowers healthcare organizations to build and deploy an AI-powered, compliant, conversational healthcare experience at scale. The service combines built-in medical intelligence with natural language capabilities, extensibility tools and compliance constructs, allowing healthcare organizations such as Providers, Payers, Pharma, HMOs, Telehealth to give people access to trusted and relevant healthcare services and information.

DeepGenius AI - Future Of AI For Healthcare


Medical Image Analysis (incl. Radiology)

  • Image Processing
  • Diagnostic accuracy by learning from the previous examples
  • Content-based medical image indexing, and wavelet analysis for solid texture classification

Virtual Assistants

  • Conversational AI
  • Targeted Tele-medicine Database

Predictive Medicine

  • Prognosis and Diagnosis Accuracy
  • Disease/Condition Predictions
  • Precision Medicine

Drug Discovery

  • Computational drug discovery vide computer model simulations Forecasting on compounds and their action
  • Simplify and Shorten time for drug certification

Medical Devices

  • Health Trackers
  • AI-enabled diagnostic devices

Patient Management

  • Patient Data Analytics
  • Real-time case prioritization
  • Assisted diagnosis and prescription
  • Personalized Medications and Care
  • A propensity to Pay and Insurance Analytics

Healthcare Management

  • Brand Management and Marketing
  • Healthcare System Analysis – sift through the data to highlight mistakes in treatments, workflow inefficiencies, and helps area healthcare systems avoid unnecessary patient hospitalization


  • Call Center Automation
  • Paperwork Automation
  • Audit Automation
  • Process Automation


  • AR/VR Simulations and Training for Customer Support and Staff

Genetics & Genomics

  • Integration and analysis of different kinds of data with genomic data in disease research
  • genomic data in disease research
  • Genetic sequences mapping and shorten the time for efficient data processing
  • Gene Analytics and Editing

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